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To log into the system, you need a successful registration.

If the registration has already done, and the administrator has connected your registration dates, you can log in at any time using your specified email address and the specified password. The so-called LOGIN.

Now you have many more possibilities of adjustment. In your personal area under "My Account" You can, for example, change your master data or get an overview of ongoing auctions by you.


To buy or successful bid of items you need to be logged in. (Registration, LOGIN)


How can I register at MEDUSA as a bidder?

Please click Login at the top of the Homepage.

If you are already registered as a customer at MEDUSA please log-in with your e-mail address and your password.

If you want to place a bid for the first time, you have to register with us. Use the green button “This way to login”.Once you have   completed the registration form, you will receive an automatic e-mail asking to click the activation link. Only when you have followed this link and wehave received all the necessary documents (applies only to  EU and non-EU customers) we can unlock your account by one of our employees. Please note that this activation usually only once a day(from10.00 to12.00 o`clock) is carried out. If you requirea more urgent activation, please contact us on +34971422752.

May I place bids as a private bidder?

Yes, private bidders are welcome. Please take a good look at our rules and the independent  conditions in every auction.

Which type of auctions and sellings are there?

At this moment we do offer the following types of auctions an online-sales:

This is a classic online auction with a fixed auction period, viewing and pick-up dates.

If lots are offert in our online auction sales, we still sell to the highest bid. The only difference is, that the sale can close at any time if a bid is accepted from us. The shown time period is not a fixed time period.


How can I place bids?

To place a bid you must be registered and logged in with your customer data.

How does the automatic bidding assistant work?

For each lot their is a reserved price in the system. The bidding assistant will be activated as soon as the reserved price (also called limit price) is reached or over reached. If your bid is in between the starting price and the reserved price, we will accept your bid directly with the amount you offered. Only if your bid is higher than the reserved price, the bidding assistant will accept your bid first of all equal to the reserved price. If other bidders start to place bids on this lot your bidding assistant will place bids for you automatically within in the bidding steps until your amount of the bid is reached.


How do I receive my bought goods/articles?

If you received a bid and the invoice, you must have payed the invoice before the pick-up. Otherwise we will not hand out the articles. If you bought something in our themeauctions boats & Yachts, you will receive a power of attorney with all the contact details. If you bought something in our regular online auctions, you must be on site at the shown pick-up-dates with your invoice. You will always receive an information email with the further details together with your invoice and the pick-up-dates are shown in the details of every lot. 

Is a shipping of the lots possible?

Usually we do not offer any shipping possibility. The lots are auctioned off nationwide and on site and their is no infrastructure to offer professional shipping. If a shipping is possible, we do show a written notice in the auction details.